Senin, 27 Maret 2017

Dewa Athena

Hello friends!  How was your day? I spent my day with my friends in SMAN 3 Bandung. Now OSIS SMAN 3 Bandung has held Dewa Athena 2017 since 23 March 2017. Do you know Dewa Athena is?

Dewa Athena is an event organized by SMAN 3 Bandung every year. For this year Dewa Athena held on 23 March 2017 in Bali yard. In this event I become a logistics committee. This job is hard enough. I just know that logistics committee will be influence for this event.

In the first day, I went to Bali yard at 6 o’clock. In turns out the situations are still quite, only 3 people in there. I got the rule to borrow sound system from school, but because the school was being used to examination, I could not any entrance into it. Very sad I got angry a teacher because I made a fuss in there. So I gave this job to my senior who knows how to borrow with a good way. Hehe…

Afterwards, the opening began. We are as logistics committee prepared the material for the next activity. Start from raffia fiber for “Gobak sodor”, torch for opening, and prepared the range for basket.  But because it was raining, opening Dewa Athena was held in Bangsal and the torch is not lit. Time activities were increased because participants were only a few people. Don’t worry! The committee can easily adjust it, so Dewa Athena was going well.

For the first time I become a logistics committee in the organization, so I just know about it and I can learned from that time. After I understand about job of logistics I got a new job in the third day. I became LO (like a HUMIZ in organization/liaison officer) for X science 5. In turns out this job is more tired than become a logistics committee. Huft… I realize that there is no easy job in an organization, because they all have their respective roles. Ok I have got it!!

Dewa Athena is not only for having fun but also for training our potential in the sport part. Dewa Athena served many sport in there, including basket, football, badminton, dodgeball, gobak sodor, tug of war, volley, relay, etc. That sport not only for men, but also for women can enjoy this sport. And we could see the cohesiveness of a class for this activity. 

Dewa Athena !!! Be A Champion!!

Minggu, 12 Maret 2017

Thank You ^^

Hello my friends! Long time no see, it is been a while, right?

In this time, I am going to tell you about my story.

When I went to Balkot on Thursday, 9 March 2017, there was a demonstration of public transportation. In the morning, I thought that public transportation still available on the road. So I went to Balkot by public transportation. After I arrived at Persib Stadion, I did not find public transportation to take me to Balkot. I decided to go by motor cycle public. In turns out, the price so expansive. I was so regret for that, but just let it flow.


It was about 4 hours I spent time in Balkot, I wanted to go home. But there wasn't public transportation to my house. Oh no! So I told all of my story to my mother. She decided to pick me up. When I asked where was her position, in turns out she was in her office, Jatinangor. Wow, it is so far from my located. Big thankful I said to her. Thanks mom for your willingness.

My mother knows me so well. I love you mom ❤.

Minggu, 26 Februari 2017

Cross Word

Name : 1. Sarah Camela F (X IPA 4)
 2. Zahrina Dianati S (X IPA 4)

1.       Sound of cats
3.       Synonym of bring
5.       Someone who can be trusted
7.       Shining in the night
9.       Take something that is not yours
11.   Happiness
13.   The most important person in the government
15.   The name of snack
17.   Running to get something
18.   Full of spirit
19.   The antonym of me

1.       We often watch in cinema
2.       To shake tremulously
4.       Movie about action on 2013
6.       Pollinate the crops
8.       Cowboy always do that thing
10.   I say NO
12.   A supporter of the principle of having monarchs
14.   I feel .... to someone who blame because of me
16.   The uses of GPS 
17. Five minus five

Minggu, 19 Februari 2017

Learn From Nature

Nature is the most important thing for human. It is like everything for us. We can’t live without nature as well as the nature; nature can’t call nature without human. Why? Because nature is everything that we can see, hear, and feel. We always see the human, plant, and animal. We hear about everything that we see, and we feel everything that we see and hear. It is certainly related to the apparent nature. Nature provides us air, water, food, and everything that we need. Always give the benefit in everyday and never take it back. From them we can see, hear, and feel everything that happened.

There are many things that we are taking from nature, but we are never being grateful for that. We always say “It’s not enough” but it’s enough, we always feel it’s not good, but it’s good. So, what happened with us? So hard for us saying thank to nature, especially for God that giving this life. We are never understood with this nature. We ignore the nature is like the useless and futile thing. But, in the true, we can learn so many things from nature.

From the sky, we learn about loyalty, never be dark, always blue and beyond the clouds. Just like this life, we must be a good person for another people. Don’t be a bad person that makes a bad situation. Always blue, the meaning is never make your heart would be dark, always make it shining and bright. We both need peaceful and happiness, so make your life grows up. Always be number one person that need by human. Like a nature has always been primary for this life.

Nature season will be a decider for our mood in every time. If there sun shine, we can smile and fight to do what we will do and it rather than we lazy and sleep in our bed. There is something wrong if we can’t wake up in the morning to enjoy the nature. If there rain, still enjoy and don’t make your situation become worse. Keep in your soul that the nature is always giving us a good mood but if not don’t blame the nature of it.

Nature makes me smile when my heart wounded. For example, I love to hear birdsong or water flow. I’m feeling so enjoy and peaceful to hear that. I think the nature will be subjected by me, but it is not possible. Nature is stronger that I think so we can’t do. So, how can we know about nature? We can only talk with it. Keep the nature, and got rid all of the things that make our natural broken. We can feel the influence of nature itself.

That’s all the advantage from nature, but have we take care of nature? For this time, I just enjoy the nature without save the nature. I don’t care about anything that happens to this nature. Whereas the nature is broken, our resource will be broken too. Why? We live in the wild and we depend on it. So, give the best thing for nature, make our nature become beautiful nature that gives us a lots of meaning in it.

So now, give all of your heart to love nature. Try to understand and interpret everything that happens in this nature. Make a change in this world for keep our nature useful. If we don’t, we can do at least try and save them with a little thing.

Selasa, 17 Januari 2017

My Holiday

Hi people, long time no see. It's been a while, right?
Hmm... I'm so happy because today I will tell you about my experience during holiday.
Please enjoy !!!

Finally, holiday time was coming. My family and I have a plan to visit Yogyakarta in the end of holiday, but because any problem it was canceled. So, we changed our plan to go to Tasikmalaya. In the first holiday, I got a problem that to make sure that I didn't get SP for science mathematics. I almost stressed because I thought about it. Thank God I didn't get it. So we can do like what we planned before.

At the beginning of holiday, my family and I went to Tasikmalaya to visit our grandparents. We started at 8 o'clock and arrived there at 11 o'clock. It took a while to get that place. In the first day in Tasik, I just took a rest in there and slept for a while. I read a novel of Tere Liye with a title "Pulang". If you know what is the content if that book, you will so wondering because the content out of my mind. I have loved the creation that made by Tere Liye. Beside them, I just watched TV and do what I've do in my day. In the night, I tried to do my homework but it is was not possible because I was tired.

In the next day, we went to Situ Gede and Kampung Naga. They are near with my grandparent's house. So we didn't waste our time in the way. I google maps it was just took 30 minutes to arrive 
Situ Gede. But because it was the first time for us  and we got lost to there so we spent more time in the way. No problem, we got advantage to know a new way and a new view around that place. I was so happy. Before we found the location, we just looked around for parking.   

In the first time, we decided to have  lunch first before we enjoyed the view of Situ Gede and prayed dzuhur in mushola. After that, we offered by guardian to take a boat. We were ready for that. With a good view, chill air, and  fresh water made me so satisfied to visited Situ Gede. Oh yes, we didn't forget to tried the food that makes the place really enjoy and relax. And I didn't miss to take a photo with my beloved family. 

Oh ya, when  we lave lunch in Situ Gede, we ate like picnic under the tree. Because of it, my mother and my sister got a caterpillar in their head. We were panic and fortunately my mother looked calm and took the caterpillar with tissue. Unfortunately my mother felt itchy in her skin and we rub her skin with  eucalyptus. I felt so sorry for my mother because I can't help her. 

After we finished our journey in Situ Gede, we continued our journey to Kampung Naga. The location still in Tasikmalaya but almost close to Garut. The road to Kampung Naga is more good than to Situ Gede. As usually we got lost and spent our time in the way again. And it was heavy rain made us almost to gave up. But because it was half of our journey and the rain start to stop, so we continued our journey. 

Maybe it was took 30 minutes to arrive there. I thought is doesn't a good place, but after I entered to Kampung Naga I shocked, because it was really beautiful. Not only my family and I but also we together with a guide. So we can ask about anything to him. Before we start, the guide gave us a challenge to count the amount of the stairs. Okay, we took that challenge!!!

Start with Bismillah, we past the stairs, but we forgot to count the stairs. Oh no! Okay, no problem we still have a chance to count it when we go back. Such as what I said before, Kampung Naga was really amazing. The beautiful scenery made me stunned added with a good weather, cold air, and a good atmosphere. It seems like a village in the middle of the city. There are so many secret that we didn't know about that village. There was no electricity and no cellphone.  

Just for your information, Kampung Naga became a vacation place that rarely known by other people. But there are many foreign who have visited this place. For memorized this place, I bought something that became an icon of Kampung Naga. I didn't forget to take a photo in there. And the last time, the guide told us how many the stairs are.

Sabtu, 12 November 2016

Muhammad Al-Fatih

Constantinople would fall into the hands of Islam. Leaders who conquer it, is the best of leaders and the troops under his command is the best of troops.”

Hello every one!! Today I would like to tell you about the famous person. I'm sure that you have to know about him. He was conquered the Constantinople. Can you guess it?
Yeah!! He is Muhammad Al-Fatih.

Muhammad Al-Fatih was the most famous among the kings or sultans of the Uthmani kingdom. He was the seventh sultan in the history of Bani Uthmani. Al Fatih was a title that always adhered to his name because he was the one who conquered the East Roman Empire which had ruled for 11 centuries.
Muhammad Al-Fatih was born on 27th Rajab, 835 A.H., or 30 March, 1432. He was brought up under the supervision of his father, Sultan Murad II, the seventh Ottoman Sultan.

As a child, Muhammad Al Fatih was spoiled and lazy learning. But Muhammad Al Fatih began seriously studied after his father brought some teachers such as Shaykh Ahmad ibn Ismail al-Kurani, Sheikh Aag Syamsudin, and others. From them, Muhammad Al Fatih studied religion, language, skills, physical geography, astronomy, and history. Muhammad Al Fatih grew into someone who was an expert at war and smart riding, an expert in the field of science and mathematics, and master 6 languages ​​since the age of 21. Muhammad Al-Fatih was intelligent young man who had the willpower to reach his goal, especially for conquering Constantinople as the words of the Prophet Muhammad since he was 12 years old.

Sultan Muhammad al Fatih ruled for 30 years. Beside the conquest of Byzantium, he was also succeeded in conquering regions in Asia, unified the kingdoms of Anatolia and regions of Europe, and among his most important merit was his success in adapting the mature management system of Byzantium kingdom to the Uthmani kingdom.
Muhammad Al Fatih himself was mentioned never leaving tahajud and rawatib prayers since baligh until his death. Narrated in the first prayer that will be held after the conquest, Muhammad Al Fatih said: “Those who feel never masbuq in prayer please be our prayer leader.” Long awaited, there was no one going forward. Then steadily Muhammad Al Fatih owned the former priest in the church in Constantinople.

Maybe that’s the secret of success of Muhammad Al Fatih in realizing its goals and ideals of Islam, not physical strength, but the closeness to Allah SWT. The secret that he distributed to troops are keeping the obligatory prayer, tahajud prayers and rawatib prayers. In the age of 22, Muhammad Al Fatih conquered the city which the Prophet promised eight centuries earlier. Once captured, the city of Constantinople was replaced with the name Islambul (city of Islam), and now called Istanbul (replaced by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk).
In 1481 Mehmed marched with the Ottoman army to a new campaign, but upon reaching Maltepe, Istanbul he became ill. After some days he died, on 3 May 1481, at the age of forty-nine, and was buried in his türbe in the cemetery within the Fatih Mosque Complex.

Ok, from the article above, I have some question for you.

1. When Al-Fatih proven Rasul hadist?
     a. when he was 21 years old
     b. eight years ago
     c. when he was 12 years old
     d. eight centuries earlier 
2. What are the most things from article above?
     a. never leaving the job
     b. closeness to Allah
     c. have a skill
     d. should be an expert person 
3. How can do Muhammad Alfatih mastered 6 languages? 
     a. he just prayed
     b. It's suddenly on himself  
     c. seriously for studied
     d. just waited for a long time 
4. What is the meaning of Al-Fatih?
     a. the closing
     b. the conquering
     c. the opening
     d. the beginning     
5. What can we learn from reading above?
     a. if you want get success, it must be prayer and effort 
     b. strength is more good then closeness to Allah
     c. good people is the best teacher
     d. be a good one in science